Monday, April 21, 2014

What’s New at the Author U Extravaganza – Pitching YOU and YOUR Book!

Oh my … 11 days and counting to the Author U Extravaganza … tic, tic, tic.Do you have two minutes? Here’s what’s happening in two weeks for authors … 

Just how good are you at pitching YOU and YOUR BOOK? If you are like the great majority of authors, not so hot.

Well, you will be after spending an hour with Mary Jo Fay … Creating Your 30 Second Elevator Pitch for Your Book is exactly what we all need. Take a peek:

10 days  to go …Why come to the Author U Extravaganza … let Judith Briles, Founder of Author U, tell you why. Not just another pitch fest … the Extravaganza is an Info-Fest for Authors everywhere!

Smart authors will be in Denver, May 1-3 … Use AUEX100 code for discount for the Extravaganza.