Monday, April 21, 2014

What’s Happening at the Author U Extravaganza – it’s a Blog Fest!

What’s Hot at the Author U Extravaganza? Blogging is HOT, HOT, HOT!

What author wouldn't want to spend three 

amazing days with Joan Stewart, the Publicity Hound? Joan has two high-content  sessions slated at the Extravaganza. You’ll know more about the insider down and dirty tricks to rock and rollin’ with blogging than you even imagined.

Tammy Bleck is going to reveal to the Eaglets on Thursday tips on how to monetize your blog that few think about, much less do … and these gems are so easy! Don’t miss her session.

And what author wants to win Joan’s outrageous Cheese Hat? Watch this short video … you too, can be the proud owner! 

Get seriously successful … get to the May 1-3 Author U Extravaganza … Don’t forget, the discount code is AUEX100 off of Friday and Saturday.