Monday, April 21, 2014

Make a $1,000,000 from Your Book - Learn How at the Author U Extravaganza!

Oh my ...  10 days to go and counting to the Author U Extravaganza ... tic, tic, tic. Do you have two minutes? Here's what's happening in 10 days for authors ... 
Basic CMYK
How would you like to make a living with your words ... as in full time? You can!

money11Why come to the Author U Extravaganza? ... let Judith Briles, multi-award winning
author, The Book Shepherd and closing speaker at the Extravaganza on "creating/making
a $1,000,000 speech on your book" tell you why ... Not just another pitch fest ... the Extravaganza is an Info-Fest for Authors everywhere!

Take a peek:

Smart authors will be in Denver, May 1-3 ... Use AUEX100 code for discount for the Extravaganza.