Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ka-Ching for Authors at the Author U Extravaganza with Joel Comm

Oh my … 9 days and counting to the Author U Extravaganza … tic, tic, tic. Do you have two minutes? Here’s what’s happening in 9 days for authors …

Just how good are you at monetizing YOU and YOUR BOOK? If you are like the great majority of authors, not so hot … in fact, fairly miserable.

10 days  to go … Why come to the Author U Extravaganza? … let Joel Comm, social media guru and speaker at the Extravaganza on “Ka-Ching … monetizing you and your book” tell you why …

Well, you will be after spending an hour with Joel Comm … Ka-Ching is exactly what we all need.

Take a peek:

Smart authors will be in Denver, May 1-3 … Use AUEX100 code for discount for the Extravaganza.