Monday, April 28, 2014

Tips and Tricks to Create Your Audio Book at the Author U Extravaganza

Oh my ...  4 days to go and counting to the Author U Extravaganza ... tic, tic, tic. Do you have two minutes? Here's what's happening in 10 days for authors ... 
Basic CMYK
Have you created an audio book to match your "book-book"? Why not? Did you know that you could make one in a short period of time for minimal moneys? You can and Daniel Hall is going to show you how.

Why come to the Author U Extravaganza? ... let Daniel Hall, the webinar king and audio bookspeaker at the Extravaganza on "audiobooks, the billion dollar industry authors forget about.
Take a peek:

Not just another pitch fest ... the Extravaganza is an Info-Fest for Authors everywhere!Smart authors will be in Denver, May 1-3 ... Use AUEX100 code for discount for the Extravaganza.