Monday, October 7, 2013

Do You Want Book Reviews for Amazon and Goodreads?

It’s always fun to connect with many of our followers on Author U’s social media sites. Meet book reviewer and blogger Lu Ann 
Worley of Lu Ann Workley Book Reviews …

Lu Ann has been officially reviewing books for over a year and a half, she recently opened her new review blog a few months ago.

Book Reviews for Awesome Authors

In exchange for a printed copy, she would love to read and review your book(s). However, she no longer accepts e-books in exchange for free book reviews. Mostly, she is ONLY compensated for her time with a printed or audio copy in exchange for an honest review.  She keeps the book in her personal library and allows family and close friends to borrow them with the agreement that they send in a review on the book as well OR donates them to a local library and encourages the patrons who are members of various Social medias (like Amazon) to give their own reviews. The library also has signs displayed asking them to do so in response of the author’s generous contribution.

Note: If the book to be reviewed is not the first in the series, Lu Ann prefers to have the ones preceding it as well. It usually helps in the reviewing process.

Children author tip: Children’s authors will be read more quickly because she wants to build that portion of her blog site … and if course, they take much less time. You are welcome to check out the reviews on her site. She also submits her reviews to Goodreads (under Lu & LAWonder10) or on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords, under LAWonder10. In addition, she lists on various Christian sites and is now a part of The Library Thing, as well.

eBooks: If you want an ebook review, you need to add $10

It’s a win-win-win for all.
Send your TWO books to:

Lu Ann Worley
48 N. 100 West, box 243Fairview, 
UT 84629