Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Alrighty … you have had the opportunity to get some impressive author, publishing and book marketing advice this past month from the Chicks at Sea. We've shared more than 6 hours of content-rich tips this past month. You know that we—Judith Briles, Joan Stewart,  Amy Collins and Georgia McCabe--understand every aspect of this confusing, chaotic business of book publishing. You can access all Webinars replays on www.PUblishingAtSea.com .It’s decision time. Yours.

If you're cruising with us Jan. 18-23 in the Caribbean, you have until Thursday, Oct. 31, to reserve a cabin and GUARANTEE our low, low price. If you're going, book your spot NOW or kick yourself later when you see a much higher price.

Why? … there are only 5 Balcony cabins left with two people per cabin. Your cost is $1200 per person. The Outside cabins are $1100 per person and only 10 remain. The price includes your spot in the cabin (remember, cabins are for two), all workshops and the laser coaching the Chicks at Sea will be doing throughout. It also includes your food, your port taxes and your gratuities/tips to ship personnel. It does not include your transportation to get to and from Tampa. Here's another reason you must act NOW: cruise lines require that all reservations be paid for within 90 days of the cruise. That means we'll be letting go of unpaid cabins on Nov. 1.

            Why Deciding Right Now Can Save You a Boatload of Money Money         

If you were to go to the Royal Caribbean website today, www.RCCL.com ,and find our cruise (Caribbean, January 18, Tampa port), you would be surprised-- nope, shocked--to discover that NO Balcony cabins are available unless it’s a suite and that the Outside Deluxe cabin, category G (which is what we have) is 
going for $1188 per person PLUS taxes, PLUS gratuities. That means you'd pay between $1400 and $1500 per person. 

Your cost for the cruise PLUS workshops PLUS workbook PLUS laser coaching PLUS taxes PLUS gratuities are from $1100 to $1200 per person … We know some people like to make all their own arrangements. You may have insider cruise contacts, a special discount, and love the thrill of the last-minute deal that might pop up. Or maybe you've won a cruise and will cash it in for Create the Ultimate Bestseller at Sea cruise directly with the cruise line.  Whatever the reason, you can register for just the training sessions for only $695 … but we need to know you're coming!

Claim your spot. There are 5 Balcony cabins—first come, first gets. The Outside Deluxe cabin has a very large window—plenty of light and very comfortable. Right now, your cost for a cabin is half of what it would be if you booked it through the Royal Caribbean online site.
We look forward to saying "Ahoy Mateys" in person on Jan. 18 when we:

  • Greet you in person 
  • Dine with you 5 nights 
  • Do laser coaching to guide you when creating your  brand and your book
  • Brainstorm your book with you
  • Share our cumulative array of knowledge about publishing, marketing, social media, publicity and 
  • distribution

So, is Publishing at Sea with the five us a fantastic deal? You bet.  Get on board.  Register NOW … or by October 31st. Take advantage of the 6-month PayPal option we set up—all info is on the website.  
www.PublishingAtSea.com  just go to the Registration tab.

Those of you who know me, you know that I “seed” my book drafts on cruises … water is my muse. I’m heading for Bermuda next week … a full re-write of one of my books is within my sailing sights!  Come learn how I do this next January … it will be book #32.Sign up now.  See you on board!