Friday, April 12, 2013

Should You Be Using Webinars to Sell Your Books? Advice from the Book Coach / Book Shepherd

Should You Be Using and Offering Webinars? Webinars are one of the many ways authors can reach out to present followers, as well as future. Here are a few uses of webinars to consider:

• Building relationships with your audience.
• Raising your image as Thought Leader or Expert.
• Finding Prospects – whether you want to connect with a reader, a customer or a client, you want a continuous flow of interested people – your “Audience” – coming to you.
• Selling and/or Order Taking — informing your Audience of features and benefits with the intent to close a sale or transaction.
• Demonstrating — showing and explaining how something works or is done.
• Teaching and Informing – presenting information to your audience that increases their knowledge and understanding.
Depending upon which type of webinar format you use—merely presentation or one that is more interactive, Webinars can be a valuable tool in your authoring kit.

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