Monday, April 29, 2013

Creating Author and Book Promo Alerts

 Author Headlines: Be Smart … or Be Square

How many times have you noodled your lead or headline to trash it, over and over? It could be for a blog, an article, a speech … and gulp, your book. Don’t you wish the headline gods would drop in, give you your zinger, so you can write or finish what you are working on?

Or, have you gone blank and you just can’t get the promo piece together? Or, how about trying to come up with something that can tie into an event, happening, or even newsy type of item that you think would be a hook for your community?

For the annual Author U Extravaganza, One of Author U’s Premier Partners Dave Raymond and Thomson Shore created an email that was sent to his lists:

The entire ad isn't included, just the ... Be there ... or be square

Using the cityscape that is recognized as Denver (the other, of course, being the Rocky Mountains), it’s different, catchy and will get the attention of his email list. It includes all his, and Thomson Shore’s contact info along with all the key services that Thomson Shore provides. It advises his clients to meet him in Denver — clever one, that Dave!

The point? Ideas are everywhere, whatever your location is. Everywhere. Take advantage of them to promote yourself, your book, your everything. Draw your crowd to you; to an event that you are appearing at; your amazing book; anything! And Dave and Thomson Shore are right …
Be there ...or be square!
The Extravaganza is awaiting you. 

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