Thursday, February 21, 2013

Where Do Your Book Sales Come From? Are You Findable?

Book Publishing Savvy Today:

Do You Know Where Your Book Sales Come From?
       Do You Know Where Your Clients Come From?
              Do You Know Where Your ____ Comes From?
Having a marketing and sales background, it was drilled in that I had to follow my leads, track my leads and know where my business came from. Maybe. Maybe not … at least today. The Internet has changed a lot of the rules of yesterday … yesteryear. It’s fast forward time…
If you have a product—a book, consulting services or any other product—today, it’s all about being “out there”—exposed, talked about, findable.
Maybe it’s time to stop asking the question, Do you know where your business is coming from? Because there isn’t a definable answer. Maybe the answer is in the response zone of “… just because.”
The more that you are “out there,” the more difficult it is to track where your sales and business comes from. It’s a “just because” … you are visible, you are finable … and best of all, you are reachable.
I can’t tell you the number of people who have engaged me to speak to a group because a friend of a friend heard me speak at a conference; or that someone said that they should get my book; or that they needed an expert in my topic and found my name or my website; or that they found one of my books and eventually contacted me directly (because that information was included in the book); or that they need a book shepherd. I’m on the Internet via personal websites, posted articles and easily found via Google. Are you? Your company? Your expertise? Your services?
And, to the surprise of many … I answer the phone when I’m in my office. With cell phones … the office is anywhere … anytime.  One of my latest clients found me at 7 in the evening Colorado time when I answered the phone—it wasn’t evening or afternoon where he was—he was in China and found me via the Internet—it was 10 in the morning, next day for him. We connected; I understood his book; and we are moving to layout in days.
It amuses me when the caller expresses surprise that I answer my own phone. Why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t you?
It’s the pinball effect—people jump around until they find the fit for them. Findable. Trackable from their side … more difficult to track from yours. And you just don’t know which pinball hole it will drop into.
The reality is that most people buy—they buy anything—based on emotions. When they are seeking help, services are a product … they are most likely in the “buy” mode. Are you visible? Are you reachable? Can you verbally connect with them and “hear” their needs? Can you be found with a few key words and a computer? Are you working under today’s model or still stuck in tracking the numbers?

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