Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Magic, No … the Wonder of Perseverance

 The Magic, No … the Wonder of Perseverance
Sometimes it’s not easy being an author … there’s rejection—sometimes in a cascading abundance; sometimes we authors feel that everything attempted is a massive flop;  sometimes we think we should be committed for spending the time and money in creating our books; sometimes we think there’s no freakin way we can sell any; and sometimes we just think …
But then, a nudge comes into play. You love your topic. The cover makes you happy. You remember the unbelievable sense of pride when you held that first book in your hand. A kind word, email, or note comes your way that you’ve made a difference, solved a problem or just provided a new fan with a terrific story.
Authoring … what a journey.  Highs and lows. Hopes and fears. Tears and joy. And a journey that requires perseverance. Webster’s defines perseverance as continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition.
Isn’t that what we authors face—sometimes on a daily basis? Are you thrilled with your book sales? Would you like to increase them? Book sales don’t come from luck … they come from marketing work. And perseverance.
Your book is like an iceberg—5 percent is the writing; the other 95 percent is below the surface … everything that you do to kick start sales, your marketing, and your on-going plan. The continuation of your Book and Author Platforms. Everything.
For sure, authoring isn’t for sissies.  Successful authors have more rejections than Hogan’s got goats. Successful authors have it the wall of dismal sales more times than they care to count. Successful authors have received more negative reviews than their walls have room to post them on. Successful authors have had days, sometimes weeks, months, even years when they have wondered, “What was I thinking …”
Yes, authoring is hard work … what separates the successful author from the non-successful one? One word: perseverance.
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Dr. Judith Briles 
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