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The Book Shepherd

Create. Strategize. Develop. Publish. Achieve.

The Next, Next Thing In Publishing

The Book Shepherding concept is simple: The publishing world is changing %u2026 and so must you.

You need an experienced Shepherd and Guide to partner with you as you create, strategize, develop, publish and achieve your publishing goals.

You can't do it alone without paying the price %u2026 you can spend your money creating a book that turns out to be so-so; or you can create a book that looks and feels classy, builds your brand and is a financial success. A best-seller. It's your choice, you choose.

If you want to Develop and Create a successful book

Publishing is riddled with obstacles. Sometimes nightmares for the author. You don't need problems %u2026 you want solutions. Dr. Judith Briles will shepherd you through the maze and chaos. At times, she has had to step in and "rescue" a book-a book that has been sabotaged by a publisher, by a publishing service provider, and sometimes, even by the author.

If you don't get the right advice and support at the right time, here's what the most common publishing blunders entail %u2026 none of which are cheap:

Choosing the wrong printer
Choosing the wrong cover designer
Choosing the wrong interior designer
Choosing the wrong editor
Choosing the wrong ghostwriter
Choosing the wrong publisher
Using the wrong paper
Not terminating consultants and publishing service providers when they are the wrong fit
Publishing too soon
Publishing in the wrong format
Focusing on the wrong thing, i.e.-big-time media vs. creating a big-time book
Not understanding Internet marketing and presence
Not creating a niche market
Having the wrong website
Not trusting your gut
Not having a plan
Being penny-wise and dollar foolish

Judith Briles is the Book Shepherd. Get started today by calling her at 303-885-2207.

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The Book Shephered - Dr. Judith Briles

Judith Briles is The Book Shepherd--working with authors to create books they never regret. Over-seeing the creation of hundreds of authors--from the beginning of an idea to printer; from book marketing strategies to the best ways to publish. With 30 books to her own credit, Judith walks the publishing talk ... and talks the publishing walk.

Dr. Judith Briles
The Book Shepherd - The Author and Publishing Expert

Create. Strategize. Develop. Publish. Achieve.
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