Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's Thursday at Author U ...

You know that had to be one ... yep, today is National Fruitcake Day! It's a good thing that there is only one ...

Save $$$$ and get your seat! Early, Early Bird ends TODAY for the January BookCamp. Learn the 6 Must-Focus-On Areas to Build Readership, Increase Book Sales and Gain Exposure as an Author for 2013! If that's your goal, sign up and get ye to the BookCamp.

Here's what we are covering in a jam-packed day:

 1.    Social Media: What social networks to be on, what to say, how to get more likes and shares, website integration and more!

2.    Branding and Message: What to brand, how most mess it up, what to consider, plus an exercise to gain brand and message clarity

3.    List-Building: Should you build an email list (yes); what are the easiest ways to do it; how do you get more book sales out of your list; which is best for you?- Constant Contact /iContact /MailChimp - which to choose and what you didn't know about email marketing.

4.    Product Development: Walk away with a plan for building your product empire and growing your business to a 6-figure success.

5.    Website Breakdown and Planning: Does your website work ... or does it suck? Get the critical components that generates results, plenty of examples with a focus on planning what can be updated in your own online presence

6.    Content and Blogging: Create a plan for content so you are no longer overwhelmed and confused, but excited and soaring past your competition

YOU are invited to this special January edition of BookCamp slated for Saturday, January 19th from 8:30am to 4:00pm

Location:Hilton Garden Inn Denver Tech Center

Cost:  Members $99 early bird through 12/27, Non-Members $129 early bird

Today, Your Guide to Book Publishing will focus on will focus on social media and website strategies with guru Georgia McCabe. 

Tune in at 6 Eastern, 5 Central, 4 Mountain, 3 Pacific and for our out-of-the-country members and followers ... you are going to have to do the clock crunching for your time zone. 

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