Friday, April 10, 2015

Authoring, Writing and Book Publishing Tips

robot voice Tired of Talking to Voice Robots? … Find Humans to Help You!
If you’ve been stuck in voice mail hell, here’s some bypass codes. Also are two sites that can assist you in identifying direct dial phone numbers: Get Human and Dial a Human.

hashtagGet everyone to see your Twitter replies when using #Hashtag as FIRST word.
If you want others in your Twitter stream to see your replies, place the DOT before the # as: .#  ... if your replies begins with a word without the #hashtag,  it’s not necessary to add the dot in front of the opening word.
Let’s just say, for this example, that you creating a Tweet or ReTweet and you want EVERYONE on your stream to see it, put the DOT right before the # (i.e., like this: .#) at the beginning of the RT or the original creation.
 .#Speaking on your #book expands your expertise--key tips on creating a #TEDtalk or short talk. Listen to podcast:
If you write the Tweet and then add #speaking in the middle of the Tweet, the .# isn’t needed. Like this:
WOW ... creating a #TEDtalk or short talk will skyrocket your #speaking gigs. Listen to podcast:
I know it seems a tad confusing. Before the .#, only the intended recipient hashtag group has the opportunity to see it--no one else in your stream unless they too check in with the # used. When you add the dot before the # at the beginning of a Tweet or RT, then everyone who follows you will see it. If you are in a Twitter chat, this is a must to remember.
design skillsNo-cost photos reminder
If you are creating marketing material; need to add website visual gooses; writing blogs that could use images (they all do); or creating slides for a presentation and DO NOT  to pay for photos, here are sites to nab from—Some do require attribution, so please read the fine print.
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