Monday, July 7, 2014

Over 2 Days, Create a Bestselling Author – YOU!

Do you want to be seriously successful as an author?

I mean, really successful?

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Most authors want success; yet most limp along At.

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Dates: August 1-2, 2014

Times: ALL DAY … includes breakfast and lunch
Cost: $497 through July 7th … bring a friend for $250

People Are Talking … what past attendees said …

I don’t believe that one or two sentences would do this conference justice … it was way off the charts! Greg Hickman, Texas
WOW … information overload! Courtney Miller, Colorado
Very informative … there is a no holds giving of info and sharing her experience. Judith is extremely energetic, knowledgeable and fun. Benny Kjaer, New Mexico
I loved Judith’s off the cuff  brainstorming of ideas … this was a week’s class handled in two days. Della Temple, Colorado
A stimulating program, crammed with very practical advice and wonderful humor. Inspirational! Herb Jacobs, Colorado
A great way to keep a lot of information organized; it was personal and intimate—I know what I don’t know and I’m going to fix it. Julie Griffin, Colorado
Two days of her vast knowledge is an awesome experience! It was over my expectations where were already high. Rhondda Hartman, Colorado
Zippy, Zappy, Zeowy! Fun energy! I got sucked into her vortex and I didn’t want to leave! This surpassed my expectations. Claryss Nan Jamieson, Hong Kong
I loved the creative energy and the high use of visuals. I learned so much in the past two days that my head is swimming. Very dynamic—I love it! Pat Morgan, Tennessee