Friday, March 28, 2014

Authors, Books and Webinars Go Together

One of the challenges that every Webinar seems to encounter is the talking head syndrome. In TV land, this is typical of your news shows. Your Webinar needs even more energy and when your attendees can’t see you.
Your challenge is to create action in their eyes with your words, your phrases, your pausing, your illustrations, your speaking style, your examples, your stories, your segways, your everything … it’s your show and whether the attendee comes back for another Webinar will be based on whether you can connect with your audience or not.
Why in the world would someone want to sit through 15 minutes, or 120 minutes, of a Webinar? The answer is the same if they were attending a live presentation—to get information and to find solutions that can be implemented without spending a ton of time and money doing it.
The Webinar presenter is the expert. She or he has the answers. That’s you. Know who your audience is—you can do this at the initial registration and/or via a poll given during the Webinar. Don’t tease them with a bait and switch approach, trying to get them to sign up for another program to get “the rest of the story.” Give them what you promised up front in your initial benefit statements that they received prior to registration; tell them, and show when you can, how your concepts work and how they are best implemented; and make sure that you doing a “summing” up at the end of your Webinar—remember, it’s likely that you will have latecomers who will miss some of your key points.
Let’s assume that you’ve wowed your audience with a great presentation – they loved what you had to say and they really like you. You have them where you want them. Now what do you do? Here’s where you can blow it! You just say thanks for coming and good bye. Not good. You didn’t give the attendees a Call to Action. There is No Challenge to your audience, No Special offers, No Next Steps or To-Do List.
Why a “Call to Action”? Remember – they wanted to attend your webinar and they want to do something now. So give them the next possible steps. Make sure they take action of some kind.
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