Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Author Thank Yous for 2013

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You!

It’s a wonderful time of “togetherness” with family and friends; and, a time of reflection on the past year … and think forward. Next week is, gulp, the beginning of 2014.

On the Author U Group on LinkedIn (have you joined–it’s an open Forum with a variety of live
discussions throughout the day)–I posted a question today: What are you going to do the same; keep doing–yet change a bit; or add new to your authoring/publishing mix?

The same goes for you …

What are you going to do the same; keep doing–yet change a bit; or add new to your authoring/publishing mix?

  • What’s worked this year?  Why?  Are you going to continue to do the same or change it up a bit?
  • What’s not worked? Why? Are you going to keep it in the mix? Or change it up a bit?
  • What would you like to add? Why?

All of us within the Author U Team want you to know how much you are appreciated. We have plenty in store for you:

  • Three programs in Colorado in January.
  • The Publishing at Sea Cruise that is sold out as well.
  • Author Mentoring Mondays for all of our members out of State–the call in number is posted in the Monday at Author U and on the Home page of the website.
  • Both Hangouts that will be for Members Only and Hangouts on Air for the general public.

Don’t forget–you want to be at the Extravaganza slated for May 1-3. Lots to stay connected.

It has been a pleasure serving and working with all of you this past year. Merry Christmas, Love and
Prosperity for 2014!

To Your Awesome Success and Growth,

Judith Briles, Your Chief Visionary Officer