Thursday, September 26, 2013

CrowdingFunding 101 for Authors and Top 10 Tweets for Week of September 26th

It’s the first official week of fall and today is National Johnny Appleseed Day … think fall apple pies, cobblers and just a crisp crunch the next time you munch an apple. Thanks to nurseyman Appleseed, he introduced and planted trees throughout Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia. With apples falling, it’s time to fall into your book planning.

Today, Your Guide to Book Publishing will focus on CrowdFunding
101 for Authors. Judith Briles will be the host and “guest” sharing many of the tidbits from her recent Judith Briles Unplugged event. The CrowdFunding segment was eye-opening andrevealing. Tune in at 6 Eastern, 5 Central, 4 Mountain, 3 Pacific and for our out-of-the-country members and followers … you are going to have to do the clock crunching for your time zone at  You can also go to the Home page of, scroll down and click on any of the past shows—just click and you are instantly there!

Holy Marketing Authors … Awesome Ideas for you … did you ever miss a great Webinar that Author U did. It was a total freebie, loaded with gadgets that were free to super cheap to make videos and movies for your site, blog, all things marketing, publicity/promo, TV channel, new products to sell and bring in moneys … you name it, Mike Stewart had it all.  I got more ideas of things that I could do for little moneys. YOU WANT TO SEE … HEAR THIS PRONTO!   Here’s the replay:

Here’s your Top Ten Tweets for the past week 

Tweets are faster than a speeding bird … below are Author U’s Top Ten Tweets from the past week that you may 

have missed …

Success & Resources

5 Of The Best Branded Viral Video—what clicks in them for #author and #book branding? –

WOW–is #Facebook doomed? Is #Google+ kicking butt? Provocative article for #authors.

Hot and crazy awesome #book #promotion tools #authors and #writers-listen to podcast via #authoru.

Info re IOS7 systems for iPhone/iPad-wait to update yours so the bugs get out via early users. #authoru

#Author alert: Jan #publishing cruise. Join Penny, Joan, Judith and Amy for

Critical protection for #authors and #writing: passwords, backup-lots of #free apps-listen to podcast via #authoru.

Social Media and Marketing Strategies

#authors-the first 65 words in the media release should be top heavy with key words and a few hyperlinks at Brunch & Learn today #authoru

How #authors can get top blogs to support your #book #marketing efforts-listen to podcast.

Cool and Sometimes Goofy or Unbelievable!

From the Oops! files: Coca-Cola campaign gone way, way

Perfect for a Sunday: Coloring #Book Lets Kids Draw Like Famous Artists [Pics] – and why not adults? #authoru

Bonus:  Last week’s Your Guide to Book Publishing with
Beth Zeisneis deep- dived into some crazy and wild apps just for authors!—Listen in.  or you can download directly from the website.

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