Monday, June 17, 2013

I just want to write my books …

Sometimes the best of an author’s plan goes kaput. The question that should be asked: was it a plan, a real plan … or a fantasy … or a wish?                        
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We authors are good at creating the “what ifs” during the germination of a book; during the writing of a book; during the production of a book; during the marketing of a book; during the life of a book. Books are exciting … and when it’s in hand and available, euphoric. It’s your newborn. Of course you want it to do well, to soar.
When do the “what ifs” become a reality? The answer is direct: with a plan, or maybe several. Author success is rarely stumbled upon. It’s not like winning the lottery where you put a few bucks in for achanceat the mega-million dollar pot. Realistically, we know that the odds are humongous against winning, but hey, someone has to and why not “me”?—and if I don’t buy mychance, I can’t play. So there.
Authoring and Book selling isn't the lottery. You don’t buy a chance. The truth is that the creation of a book, even though it took years to do, is a mere fraction of the time, energy, commitment and money needed to teach it to walk. But …
     I just want to write my books. 
    That’s all I want to do. 
    If I just didn’t have to do all this “other stuff” to support the book; to market the      book; to sell the book, I could write more fabulous books. 
    My books are awesome; people just need to find them.
    I just want to write my books.
   Why can’t I just write?
And, gulp, what happens if your newborn doesn’t walk?That definitely wasn’t in the plan. Or, was it? If you failed to put together a plan post the book birth that would train your baby to walk, then run, you failed to plan. And if you did have a plan, and it didn’t work, what did you have in place for Plan B? Plan C? Plan D …?
If you want to be a “kept author” … that takes a plan, not a wish. What’s yours?

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